Our Journey: #001

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Hello? Hi? How do you introduce a new blog… Welcome to the Impact Score blog..?

This blog simply exists to share our journey as a new business helping you to reduce your impact. We’ll write about a mixture of things but they’ll all have a common theme – the collective impact, we, society, the human race has on the planet. Expect to see interesting news and fantastic innovations in the sustainability and the environmentally-conscious world along with some tips, tricks and general knowledge like “What are the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?”

We’re not sure how frequently we’ll post, the aim is at least once a week but that depends on what’s going on behind the scenes – if we’re writing such great content that you miss it (unlikely) then either subscribe below or get in touch at contact@impactscore.co.uk to tell us.

Impact Score who?

We are Impact Score a new business based in the heart of London and we help you to reduce the impact you have on the planet through education and action. How do we do this? We give you an impact score, a measurement of how you’re day to day life is impacting the planet (a little like a credit score you’d see from Experian) and then tell you about the changes you could make to improve your impact score.

We’re not here to judge you, the changes you make are completely up to you, we just aim to give you all the options so you can make an informed choice. We understand that some changes whilst great for the planet are impossible for you to make and that’s ok, there are so many ways to reduce our impact there will be a change for everyone and the great thing about Impact Score is that you’ll be able to see what all those changes are, finding them much quicker than it would take you to try to find them all on google.

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