Climate Strike is the word of the year 🏆

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Every year Collins Dictionary announces a word of the year and this year “Climate Strike” has taken the top spot mostly thanks to the work by Greta Thunberg and other groups like Extinction Rebellion.

What does it mean?

climate strike (ˈklaɪmɪt ˌstraɪk) noun: a form of protest in which people absent themselves from education or work in order to join demonstrations demanding action to counter climate change

Where did it come from?

“Climate Strike” was first coined and registered in November 2015 when the suspected inaugural climate strike took place to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Since then the movement and the word have exploded in popularity with Collins reporting 100 times increase in the use of the word in 2019.

2018s winner

Last year the word of the year was of a similar nature and climate-themed. The winner was “Single-use”, a term referring to products – often made of plastic – that are created to be used once and thrown away. If there is anything to take away from this and last years winners it’s that climate change and environmental action is here to stay.

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